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February 23, 2018 - No Comments!

Become a Viral Loops Ambassador

It’s official fam! ????

Viral Loops’ Ambassador program is alive and kicking.

After spending a ton of time to find the proper rewards, it’s finally live and you can finally start referring your friends to get all the amazing stuff we prepared for you. ????

How it works

The process is very simple and similar to Product Hunt’s Ambassador Program (also built with Viral Loops).

All you have to do is to sign up for a new account and start referring your friends.

If you are already a Viral Loops customer, you can start referring your friends by going to “Invite” on the top menu of your account, after signing in.

So, from the moment you’re signed up for Viral Loops, you are assigned to a unique (like you) referral link, which you can share via email, social media, or by writing it down to a piece of paper and passing it to a friend (no school like the old school).

The more friends that sign up for Viral Loops using your unique link, the closer you come to reaching one of our milestones, thus grabbing a reward. ????

Note: When you reach a milestone we immediately ship your reward and get to keep all your referrals! That way you can just continue to the next milestone.

Our Rewards

When the team sat down to talk about the rewards of our Ambassador Program, we knew exactly what kind of rewards we DIDN’T want to give.

And what we didn’t want to give was t-shirts that no one would like to wear out of their home.

That’s the reason we decided to find someone amazing to create custom designs for all the swag we provide to our ambassadors. ????

He goes by the name “Couple Of Doom” and you can check his work on Behance & Instagram.

Let’s take a look at our rewards:

Become an official Viral Loops Ambassador & grab the Ambassador Referral Campaign playbook -- 1 Referral

Grab x3 Puggybot Stickers -- 5 Referrals

Rock our awesome Puggybot Tshirt & get 20% lifetime discount on Viral Loops -- 15 Referrals

Flex our 3-Pair Puggybot Socks -- 25 Referrals

Get 1 Year of Viral Loops for FREE -- 50 Referrals

Are you still here?


If you want to become a Viral Loops' ambassador and start rocking the amazing swag we prepared for you, all you have to do is to sign up now for our ambassador program.

In case that you have any burning questions, I'll be happy to answer everything in the comment section below!

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5 Must watch metrics for your Referral Campaign

I’m not going to boast about how much you need to run a referral campaign for your business.

I know that you know about that. You don’t need me????

I’m writing these lines because I want to help you make sure that your Viral Loops referral campaign, is going to perform the way it deserves.

We keep a close eye on all of our users’ campaigns, and we’ve identified what are the things that make or break a campaign, and in what metrics they translate into.

I have a spoiler for you; whatever you do (even outside your referral campaign), keep your copywriting in top priority????

People don’t buy products; they buy experiences. Write your copy in a way that communicates that.

Now, to our main subject:

Here are the 5 Must watch metrics for your Referral Campaign.

The Viral Coefficient (K-Factor)

The k-factor is the total number of registrations per unique inviting user.

If 1 in 5 of your users will successfully recruit a new user in their first month, your viral factor is 1/5 = 0.2, and our initial 5,000 users will recruit another 5,000 * 0.2 = 1,000 users in month 1.

I will get you out of the trouble to look for industry benchmarks on that by saying that for a consumer internet product,

A sustainable viral factor of 0.15 to 0.25 is good, 0.4 is great,  and around 0.7 is outstanding.  


Participant Conversion Rate

How many of the unique visits to your campaign’s page, turn into participants?

This metric is a critical indicator of whether your campaign is doing good, great or completely bad.

If your participant conversion rate is bad, here are some reasons why:

  • You don’t make it clear and easy for users to participate.
  • Your copy doesn’t showcase the benefits for the end users.
  • The rewards you offer are not a good fit.
  • The whole campaign doesn’t align with your brand.

Participant Share Rate

Your Participant share rate is the average number of unique shares per campaign participant. The bigger this rate is, the bigger is your campaign’s organic reach, which translates into lower CPA for you.

If your participant share rate is low, there are a few tweaks that might save the day:

  • Make sharing as easy as possible. You should add the ability for your participants to share on as many touch points as possible.
  • Offer rewards of very high value for the super campaign advocates (you can use our Milestone template for that).
  • In addition, you can point out to your participant how close they are to attaining a certain milestone.

Invitation Click Through Rate

Invitation Click Through Rate is the percentage of people who click your participant’s invitation to your campaign.

This number tends to be high, due to the fact that most people will see an invitation from a person that they might have a personal relationship with. ????

There are some tricks that ensure that you’ll attain a higher invitation CTR:

  • You should allow users to customize their invitation message.
  • Personalize your invitation emails by adding your original participant’s info in it.

Invitation Conversion Rate

When your participant’s friend has clicked through on the invitation they received, they land on your referral campaign’s page.

The invitation Conversion Rate is the percentage of the people coming from invitations, that actually become participants of your campaign.

In this stage consistency between the invitation and what the new user sees on your campaign’s page, is crucial. That’s the reason you should prompt your participants to invite their friends by communicating the true value of your campaign.


In order to recap, there are 5 must-watch metrics you should keep your eyes on while running your referral campaign:

  1. The Viral CoEfficient (a.k.a. The K-Factor).
  2. Participant Conversion Rate.
  3. Participant Share Rate.
  4. Invitation Click Through Rate.
  5. Invitation Conversion Rate.

You should always keep in mind that copywriting is your biggest ally when you try to improve the aforementioned metrics of your referral campaign. From there, there are micro-optimizations that can be easily made inside Viral Loops, when you set up your campaign.

In case you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer everything so shoot it in the comment section

Ask us ANYTHING (except about our personal affairs, of course)!

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How to choose the right Viral Loops template for your campaign.

I know that you fell in love with Viral Loops the moment you laid your eyes on it. I know that you are attracted by its features and the possibilities it offers.

But is there a way to make sure that you’ll pick the template that fits to your needs?

Yes, there is!

The are 3 main factors that you should take under consideration when you want to choose the suitable Viral Loops for your campaign:

  1. The platform you’re using.
  2. The type of campaign you want to run.
  3. Your campaign’s flow (i.g. How you want people to participate and how you want to reward them)


Supported Templates/ Platform and the next best thing.

The options you have when it comes to our templates, depending on the platform that you’re using to run your business (WordPress, Shopify, etc.).

In the diagram below, you can see the type of templates we support on each of the most popular platforms.

Note that even if you want to pick a template that is not supported for the platform you use, there’s a solution called ‘Viral Loops Pages’, which you can use to build a fully customizable landing page for your campaign.

It’s really easy, and you can truly create a page in minutes.

Campaign Types

If your goal is to increase and track conversions on your website (purchases, demo bookings, events etc), and your platform supports it, you may choose the eCommerce Referral template. If your website is custom-made, you’re all in for the Altruistic Referral Template.

In case you want to create a pre-launch campaign for your product/service, then our Prelaunch template is the right fit for you.

You possibly want to turn your users into fanatic ambassadors (like The Hustle did), so the Milestone Template includes anything you might need to do so.

Now, if you’re aiming to increase your brand’s awareness, or just populate a huge database of leads for your marketing campaigns, you can choose among the Milestone, Leaderboard, Sweepstake, or  Refer a Friend template.

How about Rewards?

The way you choose to reward your participants is something that might make, or break your campaign. You have 5 options:

  1. Reward participants for every friend they refer - The Refer a Friend Template.
  2. Reward participants when they reach certain milestones - The Milestone Referral Template.
  3. Reward the top referrers of your campaign - The Leaderboard Template.
  4. Give participants more chances to win for every successful referral they make - The Sweepstake Template.
  5. Reward participants when their referrals make a purchase - The eCommerce, or Altruistic Referral Template.

Before you go.

It’s time to recap. There are 3 main factors to take under consideration when you want to choose the right Viral Loops template for your campaign:

  1. The platform you’re using.
  2. The type of campaign you want to run.
  3. Your campaign’s flow (i.g. How you want people to participate and how you want to reward them).

In case you have any additional questions or just want us to guide you step by step, you can contact our stellar customer support team anytime.

Until the next time, keep being awesome!

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