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10x Growth in 2018? Part 1

You clicked! Did you just become a clickbait victim?

Relax; you didn’t.

Although you stumble upon articles with a similar title more often than Dennis Rodman rebounded throughout his career, I swear that this piece is based on facts.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t claim that I offer a magic recipe. ????

But, in this- 2 part series, I’ll try to cover as much as possible, about the things that helped us achieve that amount of growth in 1 year.

In this (and the next) article, you’ll find things you can apply to both your mindset and marketing strategy.

Note: If you feel too lazy to read, we've also wrapped the whole article into a video ????????????

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Why do you prefer Adidas over Nike, and vice versa?

Branding. ????

Why people form lines in Supreme stores in order to grab whatever they can, regardless if it fits them or not?


As The Balanced explains, The objectives that a good brand will achieve include:

  • Clearly, delivers the message.
  • Confirms your credibility.
  • Emotionally connects your target prospects with your product and or service.
  • Motivates the buyer to buy.
  • Creates user loyalty.

Talking is good, but what happens when it comes to acting? Building a brand identity is a long game.

It will probably take years.

The truth is that you have to start from the basics:

???? Fix your copywriting.

The line between a comedian and a fascist is often drawn by the way they put words into play. You should lock in a certain way you speak about things.

Imagine a rapper from the hood speaking like a 5-star hotel receptionist; everybody would instantly assume that the rapper is lame (even people that never lived in the hood).

???? Get your design together.

Whether we like it or not, our products serve a certain aesthetic. Your design should communicate that.

Images are powerful and first impressions are everlasting. It doesn’t have to be beautiful; it doesn’t have to look expensive.

It has to be what it has to be.

The importance of design in branding and marketing, in general, is huge:

  • Design communicates the brand.
  • Good design raises visibility.
  • Design drives conversions.
  • Design reinforces messaging.

So, (if you don’t have one) hire a designer already.


Chances are that you want to grow your business (duh!), and in order to do so you need 2 things:

  1. Iron will,
  2. and a growth plan.

I’m not going to teach you how to build your growth plan here (I’ve already created a course about that), but I will show you how iron will can get you closer to your goals.

Planning experiments and testing in high tempo is not an easy job.


The community of is an excellent example of how high tempo testing can skyrocket your results.

As it’s a community, GrowthHackers’ main key metric in the number of monthly active users.

As you can see in the following graph, they managed to nearly double their monthly active users in 11 weeks from the moment the starting testing in high tempo.

Sean Ellis points, it’s important to run as many experiments as possible in a given timeframe, as you will get more insights, in a quicker manner, about what drives growth for your product.

In order to discover the right experiment you first have to explore, which translates into running more and more experiments.


How many times did you start something only to stop after a few weeks (or days)?

Most of the platforms you leverage in order to spread awareness for your business, use some sort of algorithm to serve content to their users.

Engagement is always a strong aspect of these algorithms, but how do you attain engagement when no one knows you?

The answer is repetition. People must see you again and again in order to connect the dots.

Being new in a niche desperates a lot of folks. It’s the number one reason for giving up.

The bright side is that you have the luxury of making mistakes.

Be consistent in language, design and in the rhythm you put your work out there. Pick a tempo and stick to it.

If the Kardashians made it with no talent at all, considering your skills and work ethic, you can do it too.


It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’re doing, or what brought you here. What matters is who you know.

Funny story, a few months ago I started my fresh Instagram account and I decided my whole focus would be on video.

I try to work as much as possible for it, but growing an account organically is not so easy nowadays.

Then one day while attaining a photoshoot, I was approached by a lady who asked me:

“Do you want to become an influencer?” (Whatever “influencer” means in 2018).

I explained what my plan is and showed her my Instagram account. She took a picture of it, told me that we will be in touch, and left the set.

Obviously, her question triggered my curiosity, so I asked what her deal is. It seems that this lady is the middleman between brands and celebrities in my area.

It’s surprising how one acquaintance is capable of transforming a career.

In Viral Loops, we utilize networking as much as possible. Every connection, brings a new one, and every new one might (and had) land you an opportunity to be a speaker at a niche event- where you’ll make even more connections.

More specific Savvas (our CEO), had the opportunity to speak at some groundbreaking conferences:

  • Growth Summit
  • Growth Marketing Conference (US)
  • Growth Marketing Conference (SK)
  • Growth Revolution (A)

All due to networking.

Content Marketing

I don’t know why I still have to point out the importance of incorporating content into your marketing strategy.

But I will do it. Again.

Instead of bringing statistics (which bore me to death), I will present a recent story (I love a good story) that happened to watch as it unfolded in real time.

I’m into video and photography, and since I never had a teacher, Youtube was (and still is) the main source of knowledge on these subjects.

During another “educational” session on the beloved platform, I stumbled upon Peter McKinnon. He gained my subscription almost instantly.

3 Reasons:

  1. Great video quality.
  2. Excellent presentation.
  3. Outstanding content.

But how my story connects with growing a company?

Peter was a wedding photographer until he started his Youtube Channel. He left his job to focus on creating content for his channel.

When I discovered him, he was at 20K subscribers (or maybe a bit more than that). A few months later he got his 1st MILLION subscribers.

Overall, it took 9 months.

Obviously, a lot of luck came into play, but it was just the cherry on top. There was also top performance, presentation, and talent.
Whatever it was his content draw the attention of influential figures like Casey Neistat & Gary Vaynerchuk, and I don’t think that Peter is going to shoot weddings again anytime soon.

Referral Marketing

Why referral marketing?

I would say because it’s a marketing channel based entirely on your product and it doesn’t rely specifically on any other channel.

Then, I would provide extra support to my argument by saying that word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions and that word of mouth is 10x more effective than traditional advertising, as people are really sick and tired of being pushed to buy things.

In past few mounts I’ve written more than enough articles about referral marketing, so whether you want to grow your e-Commerce store or create an Ambassador program for your business using referral marketing, I’ve got your back.

Btw, Viral Loops has its own Ambassador program and we offer the best swag that your beautiful eyes have ever seen.

Before you go.

That’s the end of the 1st part.

I know that I didn’t include as much technical stuff as you may want, but we have to learn how to walk before we are able to run.

I promise that you’ll find what you need in the next article.

Until the next time,

Keep being awesome ????

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4 Mistakes That Kill Your Referral Marketing Campaigns

They say to err is human.

4 Mistakes That Kill Your Referral Marketing Campaigns

No big deal if your error is missing a typo when editing your business cards and having to reprint them. ☎️????

Or ordering 20 boxes of paper when you meant to order 2. ????️????

But when you’re running an e-commerce startup or small business, some errors can have serious financial ramifications.

Ultimately, errors often mean lost profits.????

One common marketing technique that’s prone to errors is referral marketing.  

Don’t get me wrong—an effective (read: error-free) referral marketing program is a surefire way to gain customers and boost sales.

Customers are, after all, four times more likely to buy a product recommended by friends or family.  

But if you’re looking to secure some profitable referral buzz,  ???? do yourself a favor.

Take a look at the most common referral marketing mistakes we see and how you can successfully avoid potential pitfalls that could cost you both money, time and loss of potential sales — neither of which you likely have to spare.

Selecting Boring Incentives

To develop a successful referral program, you must tempt customers with rewards attractive enough to entice them to take the time to log on to social media and actually refer potential clients to your business.

And without spending a fortune. ????????????

One of the biggest referral marketing mistakes we see, is companies (from big businesses to fledgling e-commerce sites) trying to save a buck as they attempt to entice customers with lackluster incentives.

Let’s face it. You’re not going to gain many new prospects offering customers a logoed stress ball or free promotional pen. ???? ????

How much excitement do you think these bland offerings will elicit?

#SpoilerAlert. Not much.

 4 Mistakes That Kill Your Referral Marketing Campaigns

Do this instead: Give customers what they really want. And be willing to spend some money to do it.

4 Mistakes That Kill Your Referral Marketing Campaigns

Gilt did this masterfully, developing a comprehensive insider program to encourage referrals.

To appeal to their broad customer base, Gilt didn’t just go with one incentive but instead established a tiered system of rewards including everything from free merchandise to insider access to their best flash sales.

Complicating the #$&! Out of Your Program

You have only seconds to get the details of your referral program across to your visitors.

Some stats to consider:

The average webpage visit lasts less than a minute.

Readers spend between 15 and 20 seconds per individual email.

4 Mistakes That Kill Your Referral Marketing Campaigns

You don’t have much time to share the details of your program. Between 15 seconds and a minute. Take much longer, and you can almost guarantee a New-Yorker-style “fuggetaboutit” from customers.

The longer your explanation, the less likely your customers will understand and participate in your campaign. In addition, developing a program that’s too complex can also make it look like you’ve got to hide.

Fine print for days leads customers to I being played?

4 Mistakes That Kill Your Referral Marketing Campaigns

And you’re certainly not going to get a customer referral from someone who’s suspicious of your intentions.

Do this instead: Keep. It. Simple.

E-commerce company, Robinhood, kept it simple – and won big-time – as they prepared to launch in 2017.

✅ Their pitch was clear and uncomplicated – $0 commission stock trading.

✅ Their process was streamlined – simply sign up with your email address.

✅ Their intentions were direct – customers only had one option – opt-in.

✅ Their follow-up email was automatic — ensuring customers felt the love. ????

By making it easy for customers to sign up and share their referrals, Robinhood got what they wanted – a bank of potential clients ready and eager to use their product upon launch.

Putting it on Autopilot

Your referral marketing strategy is not something that you can set and forget. ⏰

If you want your program to translate to sales, you need to review, revisit and revamp (if necessary) on a regular basis.

Failing to review your program is one of the biggest mistakes we see. It could mean that you’re tossing money out the window, continuing to fund a referral program that’s not doing much to bring people your way.

Which, basically, means you’re burning cash.

4 Mistakes That Kill Your Referral Marketing Campaigns

Do this instead: Before you launch your program, develop a follow-up plan for assessing its effectiveness.

One company that got that right is Airbnb.

They established six specific metrics to track the ongoing health of their program.

By setting success measures from the start, Airbnb kept all stakeholders in the loop and ensured everyone was rowing in the same direction. ????‍????????????‍

Pro Tip - Conducting ongoing assessments is decidedly easier if you use a robust referral marketing software to systematically track the health of your program and deliver up-to-date data to you when you need it. ????

Giving Up Too Soon

You want sales…

And you want them now.

So when you see that a program you launched two weeks ago isn’t bringing in the millions you hoped for, you feel compelled through throw in the towel.

4 Mistakes That Kill Your Referral Marketing Campaigns

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that results take time.  

It doesn’t matter if what marketing strategy you’re implementing. Whether you’re trying email marketing or starting a simple campaign to increase click-through rates, marketing programs need time to bake. Be consistent and tweak your program...but don’t give up.

Do this instead: In order to avoid falling victim to this common mistake, you need to undergo a complete paradigm shift.

4 Mistakes That Kill Your Referral Marketing Campaigns

Don’t think of your referral marketing efforts as a quick fix that will patch up the holes in your company. Instead, think of it as an ongoing system that will continually feed your company a healthy diet of new customers.

That’s what MailChimp did, fulling investing in this method of marketing and continually reinventing their referral program — with snazzy new incentives.

In the 17 years since MailChimp launched, referral marketing made a major difference.

If MailChimp had given up the first time someone wasn’t as enthusiastic about the prospect of winning a cat ???? hat ???? as they had hoped, none of this would have happened.

With time and effort, though, referral marketing can produce the growth you seek.

It happened for MailChimp.

It can happen for you.


Let's recap. If you want your referral marketing campaign to live up to its true potential, you MUST NOT:

  1. Select Boring Incentives.
  2. Make your referral marketing campaign complicated.
  3. Put your campaign in autopilot mode.
  4. Give up too soon!

The devil's in the details. As long as you pay attention to avoiding the aforementioned mistakes, you're- more or less, good to go!

For the rest (meaning, building and running your referral marketing campaign), you have our assistance????

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Why We Built Viral Loops Pages & How To Use Them

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a marketer, it’s that you have to move fast.

Trying to build a landing page without having some serious coding skills can become a nightmare (if you’re like me), and you can end up spending a week on something that you really shouldn’t, instead of focusing on what matters the most:

Running the experiment.

Since we started Viral Loops, our goal was to remove all the obstacles and allow our users to focus on the core value of our product; Which is to make referral marketing easy for everyone.

That’s why we integrated inside Viral Loops a robust solution to build landing pages for your campaigns in a quick and easy manner; Viral Loops Pages

How Viral Loops Pages Work

In order to build your campaign’s landing page with Viral Loops Pages, you have to login to your account and choose to create a new campaign.


In case you don’t see the same screen as the one in the image above, it’s because you’re not using Viral Loops for the first time -BTW, thank you for that!

In order to see it, all you have to do is to press the “Let Us Guide You” button on the Template Selection screen.

After you select the type of campaign you want to create, you’ll be requested to choose your rewarding system and asked whether you have a website for your campaign, or not.

In the latter, make sure to choose that you DON’T have a website.

Right after that, you’ll be redirected to our Campaign Wizard where you have to fill all the important info for your campaign.

At the “Info step”, you have to check the checkbox that states that you don’t have your own website.

From there, you can proceed with the designing the elements of your campaign like:

  • Designing your widgets.
  • Setting an expiration date for your campaign.
  • Managing your integrations
  • Setting your booster campaigns
  • Etc.

You can start creating your referral campaign landing page, in the “Installation” step of the wizard, and you can do so by selecting “I’ll use Viral Loops Pages”.

You’ll be redirected to the page where you can view your campaign’s URL. In order to open the page editor, you have to click on the “Edit the Campaign Page” button.

This will get you to the Page builder, where you can edit your page:

  • Sections.
  • Meta Tags.
  • Social Media.
  • Typography.
  • Page Integrations.


From here you can change parameters like your page’s header, footer, and the main body.

You can customize the colors and images appearing in all the different sections of your page, respectively.

For example, you can change (or completely remove) your main body background image, add an image with your referral rewards, edit your CTA button, or change the Headline and the subtitle.

Meta Tags

Ranking your campaign in search engines is really important. That’s why we added the ability to add your meta description for your page.

In addition, we offer the option to upload your custom Open Graph image and title. Note that the image uploaded here is the one that will appear when someone shares your campaign to a social media platform like Facebook.

Social Media

I don’t really have to mention the importance of having your social media account connected with all your digital properties.

From this menu on Viral Loops pages, you can add all your social media accounts. For now, we offer the option to add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube channel, just above your footer.


As a team, we are result driven and design oriented. Typography is a huge aspect of good design and that’s the reason we made sure that when you build your landing page with Viral Loops pages, you’ll be able to choose among 4 simple (yet beautiful) fonts for your Headlines and subtitles.

You are also free to edit the font size and color for every typography element on your page.

Page Integrations

Here you have to be cautious: This section of the page builder is not the same as your campaign’s integrations.

From here you can add your Universal Google Analytics ID in order to track your campaign’s page, and also add your Facebook Pixel ID so you can retarget your visitors (or target their friends) on Facebook


If you don’t have time reading the article -or you’re just the visual type, we prepared a video that shows how to use Viral Loops Pages step-by-step.

In a few words, Viral Loops Pages is a solution built by our team in order to provide a quick solution to those of you that want to run a referral marketing campaign and don’t want to get their hands dirty with development.

You can customize all the core elements of your landing page, and get your campaign up and running in just a few clicks.

In case you have questions about how Viral Loops Pages works, let’s discuss it in the comment section below.

Until the next time,

Keep being awesome ????

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