The Milestone Referral Template for Messenger is LIVE on Product Hunt!

The Milestone Referral Template for Messenger is LIVE on Product Hunt!

Since day #1, Viral Loops is a template-based platform.

We drew inspiration from various referral marketing campaigns (Dropbox, The Hustle, etc.), but the real game-changer for us was The Milestone Referral campaign from Harry’s.

This template is a real bestseller, and since we created the Messenger Giveaway template a few months ago, we thought that it would be a great idea to translate the Milestone referral approach to a more mobile-friendly environment.

And we did it!

Today I’m thrilled to announce The Milestone Referral Template for Messenger, powered by Manychat. 😻

Now you can run an ongoing referral marketing campaign entirely through Facebook Messenger, and reward with bigger prizes every time they reach a milestone.

Since Product Hunt has always been the first place we present anything new, we have a special offer for the community:

The 1st 100 people that sign up for The Milestone Referral Template for Messenger will get 50% off FOR LIFE!

What is The Milestone Referral Template for Messenger?

The Milestone Referral Template for Messenger is the best way to run an ongoing campaign to generate new leads and re-engage with existing ones.

We took all the knowledge we had on Milestone campaigns and created a seamless mobile referral marketing experience.

Your audience will be able to participate in your campaigns from inside Facebook Messenger and directly invite their contacts. The more people they invite, the bigger the prizes they win.

How does it work?

It’s straightforward.

You start your campaign and set the number of Milestones for your campaign, along with the number of successful referrals for each Milestone.

Then you’ll have to install the template inside Manychat and change the copies in the provided flows in a way that fits your brand.

That’s it.

For additional info, you can see our documentation for the Milestone Referral Template for Messenger:

If you’re curious about how the end-user experiences the Milestone Referral Template for Messenger, we created a video about it.

Before launching the template, we made sure to test it with some of our customers, and it seems that the whole experience is smooth as butter on a hot knife.

We used one of these cases to write a short guide for bringing sales via Facebook Messenger.

It’s a fun read that I feel you would appreciate.

Do you want to run a Milestone referral campaign via Messenger?

As I wrote in the opening paragraph, The Milestone Referral Template for Messenger is live on Product Hunt.

Come say hi, and follow the link on the page to start building your Milestone referral campaign via Messenger. You’ll get all the installation instructions directly through your Messenger inbox.

It’s pretty easy!


The 1st 100 people to get Viral Loops for Messenger from Product Hunt, will get a 50% discount FOR LIFE!

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