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Webinar: From Messenger Giveaways To Paying Customers

Do you remember Natasha Takahashi?

We interviewed her about a month ago.

Natasha is the founder of School of Bots. Their goal is to help marketers and entrepreneurs learn how to use messenger marketing for their clients or their business.

The thing is that Natasha is a Messenger marketing expert, and her expertise, combined with our latest obsession with referral marketing via Facebook Messenger, gave birth to an idea; create a webinar to help people leverage Messenger giveaways to generate customers.

Webinar: From Messenger Giveaways To Paying Customers.

The webinar takes place on Wednesday, June 12th, 4:00 PM GMT, so make sure to claim your spot!

What you’ll learn.

Messenger becomes a marketing Swiss army knife.

Since it’s a fairly new channel, Viral Loops and School of Bots combine their powers (in a true Megazord style) in a webinar that aims to help businesses enter this world stepping on the right foot, and maximize their results.

We are going to cover as much ground as possible on the basics of Messenger Marketing and Messenger Giveaways and take a deep dive into the “Whys” and the “Hows”, through some case studies from successful brands and best practices from field experts.

In addition, we’ll have a detailed journey through Messenger flows for eCommerce and retail businesses that will help you acquire new leads, retain customers, save abandoned carts, and offer stellar customer support.

Why Messenger in the first place?

The webinar is going to start with the obvious; proof that Messenger is the perfect tool to engage with people on every level of your marketing funnel.

We are going to run through Apple’s way of booking retail store visits, and other examples of Natasha’s clients that utilize Messenger to create personalised experiences for visitors.

As you probably know, live communication with leads and customers plays a huge role in turning leads into customers, or just to provide support to existing ones, so we’re going to examine the use of Facebook Messenger to provide customer support in real-time.

In addition, we are going to dive deeper in the cost and ROI of Messenger marketing, and take a look at data gathered from hundreds of campaigns.

Note that during the webinar, attendants are going to receive a special offer.

Why run a Messenger Giveaway?

Marketing a brand in 2019 is radically different than it was 5 years ago.

Referral marketing is one of the top choices of brands spreading awareness for their products, and with Messenger getting in the referral game-thanks to Viral Loops, you’ll need to know what are the differences between the new and the conventional way of getting referrals.

We will provide examples that will clear the horizon on that matter, and give you a glimpse from some cases where things went great Messenger giveaways.

How Messenger marketing can help your eCommerce & Retail.

This is Viral Loops’ favourite part.

In this section of the webinar, we are going to double down to one of our most successful case studies.

You’ll have the opportunity to see how the whole marketing funnel functioned in accordance with a Messenger giveaway, the results of the campaign (Open Rates, CTRs, Conversion Rates, etc.), and all the tech stuff you’ll need in order to get inspiration for your own campaigns.

Other uses of Messenger.

In the final act of the webinar, Natasha is going to guide you through all the possible uses of Messenger Marketing for modern brands.

Cart abandonment,  interactive sales, personalised retargeting, receipts & order updates, returns & feedback; you name it.

This webinar is going to rock your world, so make sure to reserve your spot; it’s FREE!

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