why referral marketing works

Why referral marketing works (in numbers)

Viral Loops started as a hunch. We knew that referral marketing works.

Through the years we’ve seen it in action. We didn’t need numbers and statistics; we had our customers.

But there came a time when we suddenly had to show proof to our newly acquired leads and respecting our customers’ data, we couldn’t just give it to everybody just to prove a point.

We had to rely on research made by institutions and organizations. So, we started gathering data.

Every now and then, I used these numbers to support my arguments on various articles, but one of our colleagues noticed that we don’t have them gathered in one place- which beats the whole purpose of gathering them in the first place.

I mean, someone wants solid proof that referral marketing works and we can’t be like: “Here’s proof, fam”.

So this is what this article is all about; it’s an attempt to convince even the biggest skeptics, a place where numbers replace doubt.

Here’s why referral marketing works, in numbers.

Consumer Data.

Referral Marketing facts.


Before you go.

Although I think that the research presented above is enough to convince anyone about the power of referral marketing and word of mouth, I will make sure to update regularly.

The platforms may change, but customer behavior seems to remain the same throughout the years, giving a “wink” to those you are utilizing referral marketing.

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