How to build a referral program for Wishpond

This is an announcement and tutorial for integrating Wishpond with Viral Loops. It is an integration you can use with any Viral Loops template in any pricing plan to help you grow your Wishpond lists creatively using the power of Word-of-Mouth and referral marketing.

By connecting a Wishpond list with a Viral Loops campaign, you can:

  • Deploy a referral campaign that captures referred participants and automatically adds them to your Wishpond list.
  • Use Viral Loops pages to host your referral program and capture new subscribers through the Invitee Page.
  • Give a unique sharing link to every member of your existing Wishpond list.

Building a referral program with Wishpond and Viral Loops.

You can connect the two apps and set your referral campaign live in less than 15 minutes in 3 basic steps:

  1. First, create and configure a Viral Loops campaign by setting up: rewards, widgets, notifications, and email verification methods.
  2. Connect Wishpond with Viral Loops (Optional: Import existing audience).
  3. Deploy your campaign

Creating & configuring a Viral Loops campaign.

  1. Create a Viral Loops campaign using any referral template. (We will use The Milestone Referral for this example)
  2. Name your campaign.
  3. Decide where you’ll host your campaign’s landing pages (Custom Domain or Viral Loops Pages). Here we choose to do Viral Loops pages to save time customarily building new landing pages on Wishpond.
  4. Set up your rewards and milestones and decide if your participants get a milestone email—an email once they reach that milestone that you can fully customise. Do you need help choosing rewards? Here’s a guide to help you.Marketo Viral Loops integration referral rewards
  5. Customize your referral widgets. Those are the elements that people will use to interact with your campaign. Each is fully customisable and can be embedded into Viral Loops Pages and a custom landing page. Here is an example Form Widget on a Viral Loops Page that lets participants share their referral link with friends and a Milestone Widget that shows the referral progress of the participant:
  6. Decide your Double opt-in strategy. This is needed if you want to verify the emails of every new participant.
  7. Customize your notification emails. Those are helpful emails people receive once they join the referral program and when they successfully refer other people.

Connect Wishpond with Viral Loops

  1. Activate the Wishpondintegration. On the Integrations step of the campaign wizard, find and toggle the switch of the Wishpond Engage integration.
  2. Fill in the Wishpond API Key. You can find it by going to your Wishpond dashboard page, clicking your account name and selecting “API Keys”

    Copy the API Key and paste it into the corresponding field of the Viral Loops setup wizard:
  3. Click “Select a list” and select the correct list you want to connect to this campaign. Then click “Connect” and expect everything to work in the background.
  4. (Optional) Import your existing audience to Viral Loops. This is necessary to give your current audience a referral link to share with friends.

Before you go.

That was it!

You now have a referral program automatically adds new participants to your Wishpond list to help you grow exponentially.

If you face any difficulties, contact or use our chat support at the bottom right of the page.

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