Viral Loops product update

Product update: The e-Commerce template you’ve been waiting for

Hey folks!

No more waiting.

We finally released our e-Commerce referral template inspired by Gilt.

In the beginning of 2017, we announced a beta version of this template.

Today, we’re announcing that it’s live!

The e-Commerce Referral template (yeap! that’s the name) is here to help you drive more orders for your store.

Your customers become superfans and invite their friends to purchase from your store.

In this template we offer a revolutionary way to prompt your customers to refer friends.

That’s the In-App Referral Widget.

Excited already?! Start your campaign now.

Customize the messaging and the colours. Show it in every page of your store.

So today we launched the e-Commerce referral template for all of you who want to increase word-of-mouth sales.

Here’s everything you need to know about our new template – and how it will make it easier for your customers to refer friends. (that’s what we all dream about, right?)

Good times ahead,

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