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Viral Loops gives you referral program templates inspired by billion-dollar brands to increase and track customer referrals.

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Grow your brand with referral marketing

Launch your campaign in minutes

Launch a working referral campaign using our referral program templates in a few clicks.

Affordable user acquisition

With paid ads, you pay more as you grow. With referral marketing, you grow independently of how much you spend.

2-click inviting and sharing

Let your customers invite their friends on Messenger, Whatsapp, TikTok or wherever they communicate.


Template-based referral programs

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The Milestone Referral

Reward users with better and better rewards as they reach milestones by inviting their friends.

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The Startup Prelaunch

Get early adopters with a referral waiting list where people refer friends to reach the top of the list.

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The Leaderboard Giveaway

The more people your users refer, the higher they climb up the leaderboard.

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The Newsletter Referral

Incentivise your newsletter readers to refer their friends in exchange for rewards.

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The Tempting Giveaway

People enter your giveaway to get a prize and increase their chances of winning by referring friends.

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Viral Loops for Shopify

A referral program with our Shopify App to reward your customers for referring new customers.

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Refer a Friend

A 2-sided referral program that rewards people who invite friends—and their friends for becoming customers.

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Roslyn McLarty is the founder of TheGist

As a mission-driven, female-led sports media platform, our community really resonates with our content and Viral Loops has allowed us to build a referral program that gives our readers that extra incentive to spread the word of The GIST.

Roslyn McLarty
Co-founder, TheGist
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Why Viral Loops

Customize your campaign widgets

Beautiful widgets that match the look and feel of your brand.
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Create dedicated landing pages

It takes just a few minutes to design a unique experience for your campaign.

Have a clear overview of your campaign performance

The Campaign Dashboard helps you track and analyze the performance of your campaign and reward your super-fans.
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Viral Loops Fully Managed Service

Get a referral marketing expert to design & execute your campaigns.
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People love Viral Loops

"The versatility of the product is unprecedented with a big variety of ready made referral templates for the newbies. Also the support from the team is amazing helping with any steps of the process."
SEO Manager
"This is the MailChimp or WordPress of viral campaigns, so fortunate to have found them. We're looking for a Robinhood-style marketing campaign and thought we'd have to program it ourselves— saved us tons of person-hours."
"As a content-first investment platform in the Middle East, it was key for us to build our user community. Viral Loops has really helped us accelerate the growth of our newsletter subscriptions, while increasing our engagement and reach across the region."

at Baraka

"We’re really excited to turbocharge our organic growth using the Viral Loops for Newsletters. Our readers naturally shared our content with their friends, but now we can measure this impact, reward our biggest cheerleaders.”

Integrate with your favorite tools

Viral Loops works perfectly with the tools that you already know and love using.
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Use the force of word of mouth to turn your happy customers into brand ambassadors.