Viral Loops joins forces with Growth Tribe

Today some of our team members are doing their happy dance!

Wondering why?

We dance regularly for no reason, but today there is one!

“We’ve partnered with Growth Tribe, Europe’s first growth hacking academy and wanted to let you know about it.”

Growth Tribe offers a 3-month growth hacking academy as well as crash marketing courses and workshops. If you’re interested in learning more about them, you can take a look at

Some of their partners include Facebook, University of Amsterdam, Philips and Catawiki, a Dutch startup that has raised $82 million in Series C. ????

After using several platforms, they finally chose Viral Loops for teaching viral and referral marketing to the growth hackers participating in the academy.

This is a great milestone for us, as it shows that our approach of building an easy to use product with ready-made templates inspired by some of the best viral and referral programs, like the ones inspired by Dropbox and Airbnb, is what our customers need.

They don’t want yet another referral marketing platform, but rather a product that helps them build campaigns that work for their business.

As Jim Groenen, Lead Growth Hacker at Growth Tribe, puts it:

“At Growth Tribe we found that Viral Loops is one of the easiest tools to implement a referral program. We train Growth Teams to setup their campaigns in just 30 minutes. Viral Loops is awesome, especially since it has a super diversified stack of campaign templates. Our course participants are now able to build almost any viral campaign they want!”

We truly believe that by making such great partnerships, Viral Loops will help more startups and small companies acquire more customers and users effectively.

So, we won’t stop here. ????

More news and partnerships are coming soon! ????????

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