Viral Loops Product Update April 2020

Viral Loops Product Update: What’s New From April

For many of us, the last month has been challenging, at least. We hope that you’re all safe.

In Viral Loops, even though we haven’t seen each other in more than two months, we continue working on new features, improving existing, and fixing things we’ve missed in the past.

The things you’re going to see below have a massive impact on our app’s UI & UX and will make life easier for many of our users.

Let’s see what’s new for Viral Loops users from April and on.

New Popup!

Following the updates to all our widgets, the Popup has now been updated to version 2.0
The updated widget design matches more closely the updated Form Widget, and so it also allows many similar customization options in the Campaign Wizard:
All *existing* campaigns have gotten the updated design seamlessly (nothing you need to do), and all-new campaigns will get it by default.

New Milestone Widget.

The Milestone Widget has been updated to version 2.0! All hail the new Milestone Widget:
All existing *Milestone Referral* campaigns have gotten the new widget, so go to your campaign page and check it out. If you don’t already have a *Milestone Referral* campaign, then create one and check it out! 
The new version offers more customization options than before so you can make it match your brand entirely:
In the Campaign Wizard, the Milestone Widget editor has also been updated so you can tweak the appearance of the widget.
You can also choose between square or circular reward images or even upload GIFs (gifs, jifs, anything you want!). How cool is that?
Check out a demo campaign with the new Milestone Widget:

🐞 Fixes.

Export link in the email.

Sometimes, when the export email is sent, the export function is not finished. 
As a result, the link in the email does not contain the full information for the export, and the users may not be able to download the CSV file. This is fixed now.   
Every export email that is already sent will not be functional anymore. 
Usually, the users have already downloaded the CSV files, but if any issue is noticed, just inform the users to request another export file from the dashboard.

Delete Shopify Campaign.

When a Shopify Campaign is deleted, the Viral Loops script tag is removed from the Shopify store, correctly. 
Before this fix, the script was not deleted from some stores, and it caused issues in case of re-install.  

Missing referral count from the Campaign Dashboard.

In the Campaign Dashboard of the Milestone Referral template, the referral count column was missing from the Pending Rewards table, which shows which participants should be rewarded. 
This has now been restored, and you can see the number of referrals for each of your winners.

Missing welcome email for referred participants.

We found a bug that the Welcome Email would not be sent to new referred participants of the Refer a Friend and Altruistic Referral templates. 
Aaaand… it’s gone! 
We fixed it, so now all new participants get the Welcome Email as expected.

📢 Improvements.

Validation in Campaign Wizard.

The Campaign Wizard steps are now validated in the backend. Typically, there is almost nothing to notice in the UI.
The only client-side validation that is added is in the new color input, which is placed across the app except for the email editor. 
If you see a popup that says, “Check again your Campaign Settings.” it means that we have to add client-side validation in a UI element.

Protection from Tabnabbing.

All the links that open from the Viral Loops app have a new property called noopener. This is a minor vulnerability issue that is reported by an ethical hacker. 
Like he said: “The attack takes advantage of user trust and inattention to detail in regard to tabs, and the ability of browsers to navigate across a page’s origin in inactive tabs a long time after the page is loaded.”
This change may affect the functionality of marketing tools that use the opener for source tracking. 

Optimize the Pick Winners function.

The Pick Winners function usually takes time to complete, especially in large campaigns (>150k leads). We made some minor changes, and it looks like that it performs better now. 
The fix was completed as a hotfix because of a client who wanted to run it live in the next few hours. The function worked for that campaign, which had more than 180k participants. 

Sharing options open in new tabs.

On the Form Widget, when clicking the sharing buttons (e.g., share to Facebook) from a web browser, some sharing options would open in the same tab, interrupting what you were doing before. 
We changed that, and now all clicks to the sharing options open in a new tab or window.

Picking winners for the Messenger Giveaway.

When picking winners for your Messenger Giveaway campaign, the process would take a very long time if the campaign had many thousands of participants. 
Well, we made it faster! You can now pick winners faster than ever before. Enjoy!
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