Viral Loops Product Update What’s New From July

Viral Loops Product Update: What’s New From July

Another month, another update!

I was surprised when I say how many cool things we managed to ship since our last product update.

We’ve added some new features for all of our templates (including Shopify and Manychat templates), but also some significant integrations.

Here’s what’s in for Viral Loops users, from July and on.

New features.

Import participants from a CSV file.

The best way to kickstart your Viral Loops campaign is to use an existing list of contacts. These people already know you and can act as your first referrers when you need them the most, at the beginning of your campaign.

If you have a CSV file of these contacts, you can import them as participants to your campaign, so they start referring others. 

To do that, go to the Campaign Dashboard and click “Import”.

Important: Before importing participants from a CSV file to your Viral Loops campaign, please make sure to read our documentation about it.

Tag referred customers on Shopify stores.

From now, whenever you have a purchase coming from a referral, it will be tagged as “Viral Loops Referred”, along with the info of the person who referred the purchase (“Referred by <<email>> with referral code <<refcode>>”.)

Delete participants in ManyChat campaigns.

As in every template, our users can now delete participants in their ManyChat campaigns as well. 

Please use this feature with caution, and remember that even if the participant is deleted from the Viral Loops campaign unless their custom fields are cleared in ManyChat, the ManyChat flows will still be sent to them. 

So, in case you’re testing and wish to optin again, you’ll receive the error message that you’re already a participant. 

crazy faceexploding headsmiling face with hornssmiling face with heart-eyessmiling face with heart-eyessmiling face with heart-eyes

 Emojis are now accepted in the content of emails and on the campaign widgets

Sorry it took us so long.

New Integrations.


The HubSpot integration now requires a Power plan or above (not even available in Trial). Users that had already set-up the integration can’t edit it anymore before they upgrade. 

If you wish to integrate your HubSpot CRM account with your Viral Loops campaign, follow these steps:

  • Go to the ‘Integrations’ step in your campaign’s wizard.
  • Find the HubSpot CRM integration and enable it.

Click on Edit and then Connect. Viral Loops will re-direct you to your HubSpot account to complete the integration.

You can read more about Viral Loops’ integration with Hubspot on our Knowledge base.

Import participants from Hubspot.

The process is precisely the same as importing participants from CSV.

Go to the Campaign Dashboard and click “Import”, and choose to import from Hubspot.


Our users can finally find us on Zapier. With the official Viral Loops® Zapier app, they can connect Viral Loops to hundreds of other apps and create automation. 

The Viral Loops app for Zapier allows a two-way integration with Viral Loops.

Users can capture events that happen in their campaign and use them to trigger events in other apps, or they can get a new lead’s data from one app (e.g. Typeform) and submit those to create a new participant in their Viral Loops campaign.

You can read more about Viral Loops’ Zapier integration on our Knowledge base.

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