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What are some examples of growth hacking for ecommerce?

There’s a radical notion that growth hacking is a silver bullet- a magic recipie.

When I started learning about it, I had the same idea. Although it would be a nice fairytale, it’s far from true.

Don’t get me wrong— growth hacking is not a hoax. Growth hacking is all about keeping your mind on things that move the needle, executing fast and being consistent.

I’ve already written an answer about conversion rate optimization for eCommerce, so in this one, I’ll present some things you can do that can really impact your store’s performance.

Some the things mentioned below are also included in an article I wrote in the past.

What are some examples of growth hacking for ecommerce?

What is better?— Knowing why people don’t purchase from your store or the reasons they do?

You better have both answers. The real question is where, and more importantly when to ask for this information.

The easiest thing you’ve got to do in order to be sure about where to put your survey is by giving a look in your Google Analytics account.

Seek for pages with high Exit or Bounce Rate. Some example cases could be:

What are some examples of growth hacking for ecommerce?

Surveys can give you some good insight about what you’re doing wrong (or right), but you should really use them as an opportunity to come closer with the users.

Be creative! You can ask their email in order to do a call. Creating personal bonds makes customers more comfortable.

What are some examples of growth hacking for ecommerce?

Think about it; You always ask your mother when it comes to house-cleaning products.

Give your customers a chance to use these bonds in order to gain something and they will surely tell their friends about your business.

92% of people trust recommendations from friends.- Nielsen Global Trust In Advertising Survey

I’m not

“What successful referral campaigns, have in common?”

I’ve gone through the best referral marketing platforms in the past, but for the sake of the example I’ll use Viral-Loops and the campaign of FashionNoiz and the way the utilize referrals to boost their acquisition and sales.

In a few words, they allow people invite their friends. Their friends get a discount for their first order and when that purchase is made , the person who sent the referral also gets a discount!

They offer something super valuable to both the referrer and referee related to the product or service!

Here are some tips for referral campaigns:

  • Offer something to both the referrer and the referee.
  • Learn who your customers are and what they are interested in.
  • Understand what they crave the most from your product or business.
  • Experiment with your copywriting and incentives.
  • Trigger virality in all touchpoints where your customers are really happy (e.g. post-purchase)
  • Run giveaways and contests together with your partners and give them points to climb on the leaderboard

There are no limits when it comes to referral prizes. From discount codes, to offering multiple entries for the newest contest you run.

Use your data and the insights you gather from your surveys, and give people a reason to talk about you and your eCommerce store!

What are some examples of growth hacking for ecommerce?

I used to have a huge beard. While growing it, I did a little research on YouTube about ways to fight itching.

I stumbled upon BeardBrand. Eric Bandholz blew my mind! At first, he seemed like a funny guy with an awesome beard giving tips.

What are some examples of growth hacking for ecommerce?

When I saw the view count, I rushed to see what is about with his channel. And finally, I landed onto BeardBrand’s eCommerce store and bought a beard oil and a soap.

The reason I made the purchase was these videos from a crazy beardman that offered solution to my problem.

People tend to buy from people they trust!

Look straight to your target audience, eavesdrop their needs and create something exclusively for them.

What are some examples of growth hacking for ecommerce?

This strategy is not for the weak hearted— I can make you or break you.

It will affect your reputation and may cost you in money; Big time. On the other hand it generate awareness and customers for your store.

So, what does unconventional PR mean for your business? For me, it means doing anything necessary in order to create buzz about your business or product, even if a lot of people get very angry by your efforts.

When I first read Ryan Holiday ‘s “Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions Of a Media Manipulator ”, I was blown away by the means he used in order to promote a movie using guerrilla tactics.

Ryan has served as a Director of Marketing at American Apparel for some years. And I’m sure that American Apparel’s marketing team learned a lot of stuff by working with him.

Some time ago I read an article that surely made me smile. You see, American Apparel had an advert banned for ‘too sexy’ photos of underage-looking model in thong bodysuit.

What are some examples of growth hacking for ecommerce?

I’m more than sure that this whole story (covered by at least 3 major Web Publishers) created enough buzz to drive sales for American Apparel.

What are some examples of growth hacking for ecommerce?

Data shows that many times people tend to research an item on their mobile device, and then purchase it through their desktop.

People laso love Facebook.

All you need to do is to retarget those that visited your e-commerce website via mobile and did not convert. Remember that in sales, repetition & relevancy RULES.

Here’s how to implement the “Facebook Stalker”:

  1. Design 2 kick-a$$ Facebook ads (1 served to mobile users only and 1 for facebook retargeting)
  2. Create a FB Custom Audience for those who visited your website, but did not purchase. In order to do so, build and audience using “People visiting specific pages but not others”.Include the URL of your main page (e.g. product, category or offer page) and exclude your “Thank you” page.
  3. Create your ads using the Power Editor and bid with oCPM.
  4. Optimize, optimize and optimize!

I hope my answer helped!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to add them with a comment or send me a DM.

Cheers 🙂

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