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What are the best growth hacks for B2B startups?

Some challenges you may find when you start your business, how to make search engine optimization work for you, how to generate leads, how to develop your brand awareness in a way that will increase awareness and many more challenges.

I put together a list for you, after a lot of experiments and obstacles we ‘ve been through with Viral Loops.

So, here we go:

1. Add your content into newsletters from other editors/companies/influencers

What are the best growth hacks for B2B startups?

A great way to promote your business is via existing newsletters. When you publish a new post, find some editors of newsletters that fit your industry in order to promote your business.

Another way to do this is by getting in touch with companies that have already a user base of emails that matches your industry. (Be away from competitors)

2. You can run a referral program in which the attribution happens when the invitee becomes a paid customer

For Viral Loops – yes, it’s a viral and referral marketing platform – we have 2 referral marketing templates for this.

The Referral Program, inspired by dropbox in which you can reward people when their friends sign up.

What are the best growth hacks for B2B startups?

The other one is the Milestone Referral Program inspired by Harry’s and The Hustle, which is based on the concept of milestones.

What are the best growth hacks for B2B startups?

When you reach a specific milestone, say got 4 or 10 friends, you get something. If you don’t catch that, you don’t get anything.

3. Retargeting

Some of your page/blog visitors, will leave without understanding your product. You should bring them back by using google ads, facebook ads etc.

If you know your post that will make a lot of traffic, your custom ads propably will convert better.

Create a post about a topic you want for your campaign and then, retarget its visitors.

4. Launch some free tools/features from your product in order to get leads from the traffic

What are the best growth hacks for B2B startups?

Search your product for any feature that is probably easy to promote.

Try to find a feature that can stand by itself.

Go for it and promote it!

After some days, you will see that a lot of visitors will continue to explore your main product.

This is a good tactic to reactivate users who have forgotten you. Just send a product update email and you’ll see them come back.

5. User Experience

Your product should be easy on technical and non-technical people to handle.

A good user experience will make people use your product, be happy with your product and finally share your product.

If the users talk/chat about your product in their everyday life, there is a big change that they will convert others into paid customers.

6. Free Trials

What are the best growth hacks for B2B startups?

This tactic is a must-do in B2B businesses because these products are often expensive.

With a free trial, you are showing the user the value she will receive from using it.

It makes it easier to sell your product after a free trial period because it makes you look more trustworthy.

Which of these tips would work best for you? Try them and find it out!

In the end of the day, probably a lot of the tips I gave you will help your business make its existing trial users into paid customers.

Hope it helps!

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