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What is a good alternative to Instagress?

What is a good alternative to Instagress? Answer Request

After Instagress shut down by Instagram, Massplanner came next. It seems that Instagram automation is about to die.

So, I wouldn’t recommend looking for an alternative service, but rather for other tactics.

Some things you can work that work like charm:

  • Join engagement groups on Telegram. You can also start your own—just get 5 friends to start with and then add more people. In order to make it work, make sure to set an upvote ring each week at a specific time. You can also send calendar invites to the members so no one can miss it. Stick to that and more people will ask you to join.
  • Buy an Instagram account in your niche and take it over. Best practice is to find an agency or an expert to connect you with accounts that are on sale.
  • You can run paid posts on popular Facebook at you niche. Ask them to post a photo of your Instagram account and link to your Insta profile. You can also ask them to promote it to all of their fanpage and you can cover the ad costs. This is This is a great hack I found at Badass Marketers & Founders, Josh Fechter’s Facebook group.

Here is a great article on Instagram growth:

Instagram Influencer Marketing: Three Steps to Unleash the Power of Social Celebrities in Ecommerce – Shopify

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