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What’s the riskiest thing you have ever done which did not pay off?

What's the riskiest thing you have ever done which did not pay off?

Not moving away from Greece.

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece.

When I graduated, I had the chance to move to Sweden or the UK.

But I decided to stay.

I didn’t take this decision because I had a vision or knew what I was doing.

It was just the easiest thing for me . I was playing safe.

But, you would say that this was not the best decision.

In 2010, Greece was under a great recession. No jobs. No money. No opportunities.

Despite there were—and still are— great multimillion startups in Greece, I didn’t have a network back then.

To be honest, I haven’t even heard the term “startup.”

But, I stayed. With no plan.

When I graduated I worked as a bartender to make ends meet.

I wasn’t happy and wanted to do something else.

I started looking for a tech job.

Very few people called me for an interview. So, I decided to learn programming. I took some classes on Udacity and Coursera. I mastered databases and scripting languages, like Python.

8 months later a software company called me. After 2 tests and 3 interviews, they finally hired me.

Things I’ve lost

  • I would have got a job faster
  • Better salary
  • Better network
  • More opportunities
  • Who knows what else?

Things I’ve won

  • I met Theodoros Moulos . He was the CEO of the company and a great mentor to me
  • Travelled to more than 6 countries in a single year
  • Gained a ton of experience. I started as a junior consultant whose main task was support and documentation. Then I became the Product Lead for the marketing automation platform we were developing

3 years later, I left my job and co-founded a growth marketing agency and a venture-backed startup with customers all over the world. With Theodore 🙂

When you take a decision, you really don’t know if it’s the right one.

What would happen if I have moved abroad?

I might be a multimillionaire, or just broke.

No matter the choices you make, if you have a clear goal, you will get there.

Just do it.

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