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Your Brand + Viral Loops = A Match Made In Heaven

We recently delivered two new features in Viral Loops allowing you to create campaigns with looks that totally match your brand.

When running a marketing campaign, you are looking to increase awareness about your brand and product.

Understandably, this can only happen if the tool you are using allows you to create unique materials for the campaign that can take your message across in your own particular way.

This was a requested feature for Viral Loops since the day we launchedand I am proud to say we finally got it through the door.

Part 1: A better customization of the campaign widgets

Part one of our upgrades is that you can now select the colours you want to use in the popup and the leaderboard of the campaign. That means they can fit in your website in a much nicer way than before. You can choose a primary colour for the popup and a colour for the button.

Here’s how it would look if Airbnb was using Viral Loops. They’re not using it (yet!).

The Leaderboard looks great too!

Part 2: Emails that speak your language

Part two and the most exciting one is that you can now fully customize all the emails that your audience will receive as part of your campaign.

That’s a welcome email for a (hypothetical) campaign of Airbnb.

You can upload your own header image (or logo), change the content of the email, the colour and text of the call-to-action etc. You can make it your own.

Try it yourself!

There are huge benefits to having a fully customizable campaign and our clients are already noticing increasing conversion rates in the different stages of the campaign.

Through the campaign wizard you can now do all these customizations and it’s seriously easy.

Just go to Viral Loops (sign up if you haven’t done so already!) and edit your campaign (or create a new one). You will find all the options right there in your Campaign Wizard.

Our effort to allow you to create a fully customizable campaign only begins with these two upgrades and we will definitely release more options anytime soon!

Which makes me ask… what options would you like to have available when creating your campaign in Viral Loops? Reply to let me know!

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The photographs used this post are by Alice Achterhof and Bhoj Rai.


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