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The Ultimate Guide For A Successful Giveaway

Using giveaways as a marketing channel can be an effective way to generate leads and engage your community with low cost.

Giveaways can be a lot of fun for you and your community!

We wrote this post because there are some hot topics you should familiarize yourself with, before running your first giveaway.

Firstly, it’s important to know why to run a giveaway, how to set it up, where to promote it and, last but not least, the art of picking winners.

So let’s get started!


Why run a giveaway

There are 4 main reasons to choose a giveaway.

1. Generate leads.

A giveaway is great for getting leads or increasing your number of email list subscribers. It’s a lead generation secret weapon.

2. Save money

Lower your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by running a giveaway. The cost is very low compared to other marketing channels and you don’t have to spend that much time on managing the process.

3. Product exposure

To launch a giveaway with something related to your product is an amazing way to generate excitement, more usage and long term retention.

4. Engage with your community

Are you looking for a way to get your community excited? Running a giveaway will get them hooked.

Ηow to set up your giveaway

There are 3 main pillars in here. Right prize, landing page and a good setup.

1. Picking the prize

Let’s get this straight, the more value you give, the more value you’re going to get. If you give your participants something that’s worth $ instead of something that’s worth $$$ then you’re not going to receive as many participants.

Also it’s the type of prize is crucial. Is it monetary? Is it something related to your company? Or something just to get their attention.

Usually when we want to be successful with our giveaway we give something related to our company that’s going to boost our brand awareness and help us engage more with our users.

2. Build a landing page

A landing page is the home of your giveaway to the world. It helps you deliver the giveaway to your audience.

In general, you should be thinking about growth before you even launch your product. That’s why, you should have a place where you can get users to sign up for exclusives e.g. early access, special offer, gifts etc.

Some quick wins for your giveaway landing page are:

-Have a clear Value Proposition of your giveaway

-Have CTA(CallToAction), ideally in top section and at the bottom of your page.

-Include a fun and descriptive video or an image to keep your page sexy

-Include a Facebook Opengraph. When your users share your page you want it to be beautiful.

3. Set it up and get started

Are you going to run a sweepstake giveaway or a leaderboard giveaway?

The main difference between these 2 is how you pick your winners. In a giveaway with a leaderboard you pick the top X whereas in a sweepstake giveaway and you have to choose randomly through the list of your campaign participants.

Promote your Giveaway

This is a very crucial part for the performance of your campaign because if you don’t get as much traffic as you need, you will waste the potential of the campaign..

So, some tips that will help you get a boost in your traffic and run a successful giveaway are:

  • Share on Facebook page/ Twitter page

It’s important to share your giveaway with people that already know you and are willing to compete in your giveaway campaign.

  • Email your subscribers

Send an email to your community to let people know what you’re up to. Try to get everyone to participate.

  • Put social boosters

Have some social boosters to help your campaign grow organically. Incentivize participants to share with friends. If you’ve created a great giveaway you’ll know, your participants are going to share it all the time with their friends.

This is a campaign we’re running in Viral Loops
  • Run a paid advertisement on FB or Twitter

Paid ads are going to help you reach people who have never heard of you. This way you can grow your email list, get more sales and increase your brand awareness.

Pick Winners

Probably the most important part of the giveaway is how you pick your winners.

If this is a giveaway with a leaderboard where you pick the top X, that’s fine! If you have chosen to run a sweepstake giveaway, you have to pick your winners at random.

In Viral Loops we’ve built an awesome “winner picker” in Viral Loops which helps you get your winners based on the number of their entries.

That’s all for now! Go ahead and create your own giveaway campaign!

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