Grow Organically.
Own your audience.

Growing a startup, newsletter, or e-commerce store is challenging. While technology enables easy entry, standing out is difficult. Paid advertising and SEO demand expertise, time, and money, but don't guarantee growth or audience ownership.

Viral Loops, for seven years, has aimed to help businesses expand organically via Word-of-Mouth and referrals. We're proud to have supported thousands worldwide and hope to help you too.

Meet the core team.

Kevin Ho

General Manager

Stelios Zaoudis

Full Stack Engineer

Nikitas Filosofof

Head of Growth

Thanos Priftis

Admin / Customer Success

Foivos Stergiannis

Customer Success Manager

Tereza Leibowitz

Customer Success

Muriel Jacomet

Marketing Assistant

...and 300 more folks at Wishpond.

Use the force of word of mouth to turn your happy customers into brand ambassadors.