The Tempting Giveaway

Giveaway Template inspired by MailChimp

The more friend they invite, the more chances they get to win.

Milestone Viral Loops referral template

The Sweepstake Pop-up Widgets


Let them join

People can join your competition, just by putting in their info. Email, First name, Street address… you name it.


Let them share

In this stage people refer their friends. You give them the chance to increase their chances of winning by referring their friends, every friend is one entry. They can check their entries any time in your site.

Pro Tip: Choose meaningful and sexy rewards, company merchandise, discount coupons or even give your product for free.

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Best Practices

Gather more email subscribers and boost social media engagement

We’ve published the ultimate guide to a successful giveaway.

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How It Works

Step 1: They join

Your visitors click the button at your website and join the giveaway.

Milestone Viral Loops referral template
Milestone Viral Loops referral template

Step 2: They refer friends

The more friends they bring to the campaign, the higher chances they have of winning.

Step 3: They win

Winner(s) will be randomly selected to collect the prize.

Milestone Viral Loops referral template

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