What you can do with The Leaderboard Giveaway Template

Run amazing prelaunch campaigns.

Being in an early stage is terrifying. You have to take care of many things, but you must also find an audience for your company or product.

Populate your prelaunch list using our leaderboard scoring system.

The more referrals someone makes, the higher they climb up the leaderboard.

Gather more leads.

Every business needs a pipeline of leads.

Fill your CRM with hot leads. Let your users make your outbound sales, and reward them for doing so.

The more referrals someone makes, the higher they climb up the leaderboard, and the more they get rewarded.

Additional Features

Fraud Detection

Keep spammers and cheaters away. Our fraud detection system will help you to identify threats and maintain high email deliverability rates.

Responsive Widgets

Whether your visitors use a desktop, a tablet, or their phone, your campaign’s widget will look fantastic.

Run unlimited campaigns

You can run as many Viral Loops campaigns as you want simultaneously—no extra charge.

Landing Page Builder

You don’t need a developer to build a landing page for your referral marketing campaign. With Viral Loops Pages, you can create a custom landing page in a matter of minutes.

Integrates with your favorite tools

Viral Loops works perfectly with the tools that you already know and love using.

Want to run a prelaunch campaign, or bring more leads for your business?