The Leaderboard Giveaway

Giveaway Template inspired by Jet

The more friend they invite, the higher they climb up the leaderboard.

Leaderboard Giveaway Viral Loops template

The Leaderboard Pop-up Widgets


Let them join

People can join your competition, just by putting in their info. Email, First name, Street address… you name it.


Let them share

Introducing leaderboard and contest scoring for your giveaway campaign. We simply rank your participants by the number of campaign referrals. So it’s important to help them refer friends.

Pro Tip: Choose meaningful and sexy rewards, company merchandise, discount coupons or even give your product for free.

Leaderboard Giveaway Viral Loops widgets


Best Practices

Reward & engage with your community

Jet designed a leaderboard giveaway where the first ten people with the most referrals got 10,000 shares and the number one referrer got 100,000 shares of stock.

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How It Works

Step 1: They join

Visitors click on the button at your website and they join.

Leaderboard Giveaway Viral Loops template
Leaderboard Giveaway Viral Loops template

Step 2: They refer friends

In order to climb up the ranking they have to start referring their friends.

Step 3: They win

The top advocates win the prizes!

Leaderboard Giveaway Viral Loops template

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