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The Campaign Wizard

You don't have to think about it much.

All of Viral Loops' templates come with their Campaign Wizard. All you have to do is to follow the Wizard's steps.

You'll begin from your campaign's basic setup, then you'll customize the details, and finally, you'll start your campaign.
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Viral Loops template selection

Templates that fit your needs.

There's no such thing as "One size, fits all".

We offer a plethora of templates that answer your specific needs, whether you're a shoemaker that decided to sell online or the tech startup that's going to be the next big thing.

Viral Loops Pages

No developer, no problem.

In case you don't have a website to host your Viral Loops campaign, you can use our free Landing Page Builder.

Viral Loops Pages offers you the option to build your campaign's custom page without a single code line.
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What happens when you want to import your campaign's participants to your email platforms or CRM?

Instead of exporting and importing the contacts manually, you can use our powerful integrations.

We have official integrations with many popular tools, but even if we don't support the tool you're using, you can always use Webhooks.

Real-time Dashboard

Keeping an eye on your campaign, in real-time, can save you money and provide insight for optimizations.

From the moment your campaign goes live, you have access to its Real-time Dashboard.

The Dashboard reveals your campaign's overall performance- which you can break down by channel, and your participants' referral, and reward, status.
Viral Loops campaign dashboard


47,000+ campaigns generating leads in our platform

Codie Sanchez is the founder of Contrarian Thinking

Our entire goal was to make 100,000 financially free humans at Contrarian Thinking. That's a lot of humans. SO - it was huge when we found our viral loop existed. Now we have 1 spot for rewarding the cult of contrarians we are striving for! Tens of thousands of our contrarians can all feel a part of the family through Viral Loops.

Codie Sanchez
Founder, Contrarian Thinking
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