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Our powerful technology lets you run referral programs, viral giveaways and pre-launch campaigns in a single platform. Select a template that suits your business and your needs. Simple as that!

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Viral Loops templates

Our Powerful Templates

Get Referrals like never before

Create and run efficient viral & referral campaigns in a few clicks. Something that once was complex, expensive and painful (creating, implementing and running a referral campaign) has now been made simple: with Viral Loops, everyone can do it in a few minutes, without any technical skills.

Inviting & Sharing

All of our templates have a Viral Boost! The most important feature of Viral Loops. For you to go Viral, we have to give your participants the ability to invite friends.

Manage Your Campaigns

Track overall activity

You can have a clear overview of your campaigns. Your campaign's activity in a glimpse! Check the total number of your participants and the expiration period of your campaigns.

Easily manageable

Manage, Edit and View the progress of your live campaigns. Don't forget, we always save your work as draft.

Viral Loops campaigns
Viral Loops campaigns

Analytics Built For Marketers

Performance is key

A more detailed view of your campaign's progress. Check your campaign's best performing channels. View your performance over time but also in ratios (we love ratios!).

Participant Insights

A long list of your participants (we call them Leads!). You can see the engagement of each one of them, and why not export the whole list. ;)

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