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ConvertKit Referral Integration

This integration works with:

ConvertKit + The Newsletter Referral = 😍

Wouldn't it be nice to build a referral program for your newsletter right within your newsletters?

Well, now you can!

All you have to do is to connect your ConvertKit account with The Newsletter Referral.

The way it works is simple:

The more friends your subscribers invite, the more perks they unlock.

Popular newsletters and publishers like TheHustle and Morning Brew use this referral concept to boost their engagement and get more email subscribers.

By connecting your ConvertKit account with The Newsletter Referral, you can:

  • Give a unique sharing link to every member of your existing ConvertKit subscribers.
  • Capture referred participants from the Viral Loops Invitee Page and add them to ConvertKit automatically.
  • Sync new ConvertKit members to Viral Loops, so every new subscriber gets their unique link.

Here's a guide that will help you set up your integration:

How to build a newsletter referral program with ConvertKit.

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