October 6, 2022

News & Updates

Bug purge, API & Wishpond integration

[New] API endpoint

We added a new POST /participant/convert endpoint to our API v3.0. This will allow you to convert participants from your backend whenever you classify them as converted.

Make that POST request, and Viral Loops will update the participant’s status and increase the referral count of whoever referred that person. Useful if your conversion requirement is more complicated than a press of a button.

Here is an example of doing it with Node.js. Read the documentation here.

[New] Wishpond Integration

Viral Loops is now fully integrated with its parent company, Wishpond. With this connection, you can:

  • Deploy a referral program to your Wishpond audience by giving everyone a referral code.
  • Then every new participant of your referral campaign will be automatically added to your Wishpond account.

[Improved] Participant import process

After this update, your imports won’t include every address registered in your CRM/Email provider (like Mailchimp), only people who are subscribed or active in the selected list.

This way, only active audience members will get a referral code, which helps keep your referral program clean and with accurate statistics.

[Improved] Better search on the dashboard

So far, if you wanted to find an email which is, let’s say, “amy@winehouse.com” and searched “Winehouse” or “Amy”, you would not get any results. But fear no more; you can now search however you want.

[Fixed] Widget rendering + Google Analytics Integration

A brave and wise developer fixed a bug that caused the widget’s sharing stage not to be rendered when the Google Analytics integration was enabled.

(If you wonder why that happened, know that we are also wondering. What matters is that it’s fixed.)

Here’s the widget we’re talking about:

[Fixed] Unnecessary scroll bar

Some pages in our app had an unnecessary scroll bar; now, they don’t. It didn't look lovely:

[Fixed] Participant flagging

Fixed a bug where fading a participant would not exclude them from the top 25 of the leaderboard.

[Fixed] Widget settings

Fixed a bug on the campaign wizard of old campaigns where the new widget did not correctly reflect the settings.

[Fixed] .png compatibility (& transparency)

We fixed a bug where .png images were converted to .jpg and completely lost their transparent nature.

[Fixed] Disappearing pages bar for fraudulent participants

There was a bug that caused the pagination bar to disappear from the fraudulent participant list. Now it’s fixed.

[Fixed] 4 more bugs

  • Fixed some missing integrations from the import box
  • Fixed a rare bug where a suggestion of 1 referral was converted to 10 referrals due to some JavaScript Math library edge case.
  • Fixed a bug exposing integration information on waitlist, sweepstake and leaderboard campaigns via the v2/data endpoint.
  • Fix for enabling the captcha feature on a campaign if both keys are provided.

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing