November 4, 2021

News & Updates

Better CSV imports and email widget

It’s nice to be here writing about our updates every few weeks.

It keeps us accountable and grounded, connected to the value we provide to you. If we don’t show up with news after a few weeks, I feel bad, I’m letting you down.

Thank you for sticking around and checking our updates regardless. So, here’s what’s new for Viral Loops users from October 2021 and on.

[Improved] CSV Imports 📩

A core tactic when starting a new campaign is to import your existing audience (ie. from a mailing list) to give them referral links so they can start inviting others. Importing from a CSV file used to be a long and slow process but no more! We’ve improved the performance of the CSV imports by up to 60x (not a typo!). So, go ahead and import your list to Viral Loops to kickstart your campaign.

If you have connected a CRM integration prior to the Import, your contacts in the CRM will be updated with their newly acquired referral links. If not, you can get a Campaign Export after importing and import that in your CRM to update your contacts.

[Improved] Email Widget

We improved the Email Widget builder of the Newsletter Referral and added the option to show/hide the milestones from the widget. Now you have more flexibility in designing it and you can create minimal configurations as well:

Improved Email Widget

[Improved] API calls

We improved the error responses of our API calls so that you can use them more easily and can understand what’s off in case of bad requests.

If you need to learn more about our API, check out our API Documentation.

New Guide! 🤓

Demand Generation: What It Is, Examples & Strategy (Guide)

We’ve got a new guide in our blog. Learn all there is about demand generation — it can really transform your business.

Check out the guide and subscribe to our blog:

Demand Generation: What It Is, Examples & Strategy (Guide) | Inside Viral Loops

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing