December 8, 2022

News & Updates

Custom referral widgets with no code & dashboard search

[New] Custom waiting list widgets with no code.

Do you want to create custom forms using the Viral Loops API but don’t want to spend development time on it? Now you can do it with no code on Webflow.

Please look at this 3-minute tutorial showing how to build a waiting list for the Prelaunch Template.

Try it yourself here:

[Improved] Participant search on the dashboard

Our developers did some more data science magic again. You can now search for any participant even if you don’t remember their identity exactly (i.e. you only remember that their email address includes “floyd” somewhere).

The new search will return whoever matches your search in seconds. ⚡️⚡️

[Fixed] Missing data points on some integration

We fixed a rare bug that caused some user data points to not be sent in some integrations.

[Fixed] Webhooks firing twice

We fixed a bug that cause some webhooks to send requests twice if a campaign had Double Opt-in activated.

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing