September 14, 2023

News & Updates

Data accuracy, UX improvements, and bug fixes

[New] Boost Button on new dashboard

Booster emails are only available on the "Tempting Giveaway", "Startup Pre-launch" and "Leaderboard Giveaway" templates.
They are emails to remind waitlist participants to refer their friends and increase their ranking. You can now manually trigger them from the dashboard:

Learn more about them here:

You can edit the content of these email from the campaign editor, in the “Boost campaign” section:

[New] Waiting list rank offset

You can now manually choose the first visible waitlist rank in your waitlist widget. This is useful to increase anticipation and perception of popularity for your campaign.

Available only on “The Leaderboard Giveaway” and “Start-up Prelaunch” templates as these are the only ones with a waiting list.

[New] Change the color of the placeholder

You can now adapt the placeholder text color on your Viral Loops widget to make tailor-fit to your brand.

(We advise against purple letters—we made them purple for illustrative purposes)

[Improved] Data import with custom fields

If you use custom fields in your campaign like “Your favorite song” with UUID “abc123f”—you can now import users with data for that custom field through the CSV import button.

Make sure the data field (column) names are accurate with the correct letter casing and spacing, or simply use the UUID.

Example import CSV:


[Improved] Data export with new fields

Your Viral Loops exports will now also include the following data so you can do better analysis on your own way.

  • Fraud Level: low/medium/high
  • Fraud score: Raw fraud risk score
  • Converted: yes/no for templates supporting conversion

You can export your participants from you campaign dashboard, in the “Participants” panel:

[Improved] Improved Popup Transitions

We’ve refactored the way we spawn the popup in the new widgets. 

Now, the popup trigger button remains on the screen when the popup appears. We also added a cool animation that you can review here:

[Fixed] Campaign expiration date selection

Our product grew to be a big fan of Christofer Nolan but that came with a some time-related problems.

Until now, the expiration Date didn’t work as expected. The Timezone was not aligned with reality, the choice of the timezone was chaotic and the date/time changed on its own everytime you hit save—virtually time traveling your campaign.

We fixed the bugs and replaces the time selection with the commonly accepted GMT selector.

[Fixed] Custom fields on all template webhooks

We fixed a bug that caused custom fields to not be parsed on webhook requests for some templates. Now all your data is reliably sent upon your request.

[Fixed] Welcome email bug on import CSV

If you imported a CSV in your campaign and had disabled the welcome emails, a bug caused it to still show that the welcome emails would be sent. That bug is gone!

[Fixed] response on v2/rewarded Endpoint

In the past, if you tried to send a reward to a participant with no pending rewards the result is an Internal Server Error. Now you’ll get a more acceptable, less dramatic, response that looks like this:

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing