November 10, 2023

News & Updates

Enterprise and user experience

[New] Configurable unsub page for Enterprise customers

Enterprise users can now customize the styles of the Unsubscribe page and replace the Viral Loops logo with their own.

[New] Status page and alerts for

You can check the page here:

[New] Hubspot integration on Enterprise

Our HubSpot integration is now available to all Enterprise customers.

[New] Added “Status” to the rewards grid

You can check an example of the rewarding flow in this screen recording (Loom link)

[Improved] Updated guide for GA4 + Viral Loops Pages UX

After discussions with customers, it was clear that our GA4 integration could have been more straightforward. That’s why we made it as easy as adding your measurement ID and provided more explanation on setting it up.

You can read an end-to-end guide on connecting your campaign with GA4 here.

[Improved] Edit Participant V2

We added the functionality to create Rewards, Send Emails and trigger Integrations when a participant's stats are changed. Send Emails and Trigger Integrations are optional, and it is a choice on the participant profile like in the screenshot below:

[Improved] Design on the custom fields of Viral Loops widgets

Our designed updated the design of the input fields in the Viral Loops widgets to get a more neutral look that can be a starting point for more brands. As always you can customize them yourself to tailor them to your brand.

[Improved] Improved UX in Shopify rewards configuration:

This element previously was labelled as “Minimum Purchase Value” which is not a very clear name and created confusion among ourselves and customers. Now, it is renamed to this.

[Improved] Ban referral codes from the dashboard

You can now choose if you want to ban referral codes when you delete one or more participants. This is useful if you find that a particular participant keeps trying to exploit your referral campaign.

[Improved] Popup Transitions

We have refactored how we spawn the popup in the new widgets. The popup trigger button remains on the screen when the popup appears. We also added a cool animation. You can review it here: Check out the Loom

[Improved] Pick winners modal

We added a new, straightforward way to pick winners in the Leaderboard and Tempting Giveaway templates.

[Fixed] Active campaign webhook

The Active Campaign integration did not return data to Viral Loops campaigns. Now it does.

[Fixed] Auto-ordering of milestones in the milestone widget

A bug caused the reward in Milestone campaigns to not appear in the right order. Now it is fixed and the rewards are sorted based on how many referrals one needs to unlock them.

[Fixed] Disabled Hubspot in Newsletter Referral

Fixed a bug in the Newsletter Referral template where the Hubspot integration would appear as connected even after the user disables it from the UI.

[Fixed] Dashboard back functionality

When you hit the browser’s back button from the dashboard, you can’t go back to the previous step instantly. It was quite annoying for everyone. Now it is fixed.

[Fixed] Mailjet integration bug affecting stat calculation

Fixed a bug where a wrong Mailjet token would cause the background registration task to fail and not attribute stats—rendering the integration useless. Now it is fixed, and data flows between Mailjet and Viral Loops securely and easily.

[Fixed] Widget Loading State on Submit

Before, when you pressed the submit button on the widget, there was not a clear state that something was happening, so now when you click the button, it shows a disabled state, which will lead you either to Sharing State if everything was fine or to Joining State if something was wrong.

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing