April 12, 2023

News & Updates

Facelifting the Viral Loops Shopify & Altruistic templates

Product Update—Mar ‘23

Q1 of 2023 is over! And it brought with it beautiful updates in terms of design. 

For the last two months, we were primarily concerned about improving the Viral Loops user experience, i.e. how a founder/market set up their campaign. However, March was mainly concerned with the end-user experience—what the referral program participants see and use.

[Improved] Joining & Sharing widget design for the Altruistic Template

Staying true to our focus on modernizing the designs of old and new templates, our designer refreshed the look of the Altruistic Template:

Our developers refactored the widgets using the Svelte framework to make them lighter on your website (not visible in the screenshots) and ensure responsive design for all screen sizes.

[Improved] Redesign of Shopify widget + wizard

The Viral Loops Shopify app was next in our design-improvement endeavor.

After talking with customers and doing some other research, we decided to start the process from the end-user perspective—a shop’s customer ready to refer their friends. Of course, the most important element in that experience is the referral program’s popup which got a lovely facelift:

Then, it was time to improve the setup experience—the user interface that Viral Loops users interact with. The main changes there happened in the step where you decide what rewards to offer for every successful referral, which you can see here:

[Fixed] Newsletter Template Merge Tag

Fixed a bug where the ShareUrl merge tags were not updated on the Email Widget Step.

[Fixed] Shopify referral page sync with widget

After deploying the new Shopify widget, the referral page’s form occasionally stopped syncing with the widget so participants had to input their emails in the form manually to be identified—a rather annoying thing to do from the participant’s point of view.

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing