March 7, 2023

News & Updates

Faster widgets and new (front-end) API endpoints

[Improved] Faster and prettier widgets

Our designer and developers merged their powers on this one—the results are modernised designs on the most popular widgets that load very fast on any website. On top of that, they added richer editing features to let you create pixel-perfect widgets that fit your branding.

See the speed difference between old and new widgets here:

(For the developers out there, one of the most significant upgrades was that the widgets are now running with Svelte)

Here is how they look:

New Milestone Widget

New Rewards Widget

New Referral Count Widget

[New] API endpoints

You can now get two extra datapoints to use in your workflows and personalised marketing campaigns—both regarding a participant’s rewards:

1. GET Pending Rewards: To retrieve the pending rewards of a campaign's participant—rewards for successful referrals they have completed.

  • Check the campaign.getPendingRewards() documentation
  • Potential use: Personalised pages and messaging that remind people of what reward they have earned—good if it takes time to deliver, like shipping a physical gift.

2. GET Given Rewards: To retrieve the given rewards of a campaign's participant—rewards they have already received.

  • Check the campaign.getGivenRewards() documentation
  • Potential use: If a participant has already received a specific reward, the frontend can display alternative reward options that are still available to them to motivate them to refer more to the next reward.

[Fixed] Custom CSS preview for the Popup widget

A bug prevented any custom CSS changes from showing in the widget’s preview mode—inside the widget editor. Now all your custom CSS changes should be visible.

[Fixed] Missing "mark as converted” Button

There was a bug that caused the “Mark as converted” button not to display—now there is not.

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing