May 8, 2023

News & Updates

Fully managed service, GA4, and custom fields

[New] Viral Loops fully-managed & concierge service

We rolled out a new service last month to help busy companies succeed with their referral campaigns.

It is a hands-free concept where our concierge team works to make it as easy as possible for eager and ambitious marketers to launch their referral campaigns with minimal headaches.

If you opt for it, you'll have direct access to our team, and we'll be your consulting and execution team for your referral project. We'll set up all technical aspects of the campaign, fit it to your marketing strategy, and execute the necessary actions to bring it traction.

Are you interested in having a dedicated, professional team drive your campaign to success? Book an introduction call here.

[Feature] Google Analytics 4 support & new dashboard improvements

This month we’re releasing one of our most requested features: Google Analytics 4 integration! You can now integrate your Viral Loops campaign directly with Google Analytics 4 and closely monitor your user’s journeys!

[Feature] Add support for custom fields in every Campaign

Another highly requested feature is the ability to have custom fields for your Campaign’s participants. We already had this feature for the Pre-launch, Leaderboard and the Tempting Giveaway templates, but this month we also release this feature for all of our campaign templates!

[Improved] New widgets get new icons

Continuing the trend of modernising our UI, we made added some new icons for our Milestone, Referral Count and Rewards widgets.

[Improved] New dashboard gets various stability and speed improvements

As we approach the day where the new dashboard will be the default, we’re focused on fixing all bugs and make it faster. This month we also show your custom fields in the participants table.

[Fixed] Page Builder widget editing

We fixed some buggy behaviour while editing a widget through our Page Builder


We fixed a couple of bugs in our Online To Offline Beta template.

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing