January 11, 2023

News & Updates

New API endpoint, crisp images & custom fields on Zapier

[New] API endpoint to get the referrer of a participant (V3/getReferrer)

We added a new endpoint that will return all the information—name, email, referral count, etc.— about the referrer of a participant if they exist. It is a very useful endpoint for more personalised and advanced referral flows.

The most straightforward use of this information is to create personalised messages on your emails or website, like “You’ve been invited by [Referrer’s Name]”. We’ve seen that this slight personal touch can increase the invitee participation rate and is used by unicorn companies like Revolut or Dropbox. Here is an example:

[Fixed] Image quality in Milestone rewards

Sometimes if you uploaded a high-resolution picture in your Milestone Template rewards, they were getting a bit too compressed. We reduced that compression, and now your milestone reward images will look ✨crisp ✨ like this:

[Fixed] Custom Fields in Zapier

A bug caused Zapier not to recognise custom fields and, therefore, not display them when someone was setting up an automation (Zap).

Now all custom fields will be as accessible as the default fields, and they will appear like so:

[Fixed] Invalid ShareURL merge tag in the Ghost integration

There was an issue with our Newsletter Template paired with the Ghost integration that displayed the ShareURL merge tag as an option, while Ghost does not support it. We removed that option to avoid confusion.

[Fixed] Delayed email retries

Sometimes, when there were deliverability issues, and Viral Loops tried to send an email again—like a “Welcome email” to a new referral program participant—that email would be delayed.

A brave developer went deep into some legacy code, found the bug that caused it and neutralised it.

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing