June 13, 2023

News & Updates

More custom field types, and more integration data

[New] Custom Fields with multiple data types

You can now get more organized information about your referral program participants with custom fields of various types.

This is useful if you want to have better segmentation of your participants.

[New] Campaign Name parsed in marketing integrations like Facebook Pixel

All frontend (marketing) integrations get passed the campaign name along with details for the participant.

Seeing the campaign name is helpful if you run multiple Viral Loops campaigns simultaneously and want campaign-based marketing data to reach other tools.

For example, by connecting Facebook Pixel, you can receive Lead Events from Viral Loops that you can use to create Custom Audiences, Retargeting Ads, and more based on the campaign they joined.

Screenshot from inside the Meta/Facebook Events Manager

[Fixed] Page Builder Fixes

The Viral Loops page builder accumulated many irritating bugs over time, with the most significant being that you could not change the widget's state and not edit it. Now the page builder works appropriately.

[Fixed] Hubspot Integration bug

We fixed a bug caused by a recent change in the HubSpot API that prevented a Viral Loops campaign from sending and receiving data from HubSpot.

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing