May 5, 2022

News & Updates

New Form Widget for all templates

It has been 2 months since the last update, and many things have improved! Most importantly, Viral Loops is now part of Wishpond’s product family. 🎉

Bellow you can find what product changes we made during March and April.

[New] Form widget design



Referral form widget so good it will get everybody on board your referral program.

  • We enabled a new version of the form widget on templates that used only to have popup widgets.
  • Templates with existing form widgets were not affected.
  • We only improved the underlying technology, but the loved design remained the same.

👉 PM us on Twitter with your unique design, and we’ll share it with the world.

[Improved] Page builder section

We added a new section on our Viral Loops Pages builder so you can embed the form widget with no code.

[Improved] Campaign expiration date on the form widget

When a campaign expires, users that are already logged in will see their sharing dashboard, and newcomers will see the campaign’s expiration date.

This is useful in building the sense of urgency to motivate people to invite more friends faster.

[Improved] Mailchimp contact import

We streamlined the import process on Mailchimp for more reliable and faster imports. This was necessary for imports of more than 80,000 contacts.

[Fixed] Refer a Friend template bug

We fixed a bug where the sharing options were not being populated with the URL of the landing page.

[Fixed] GDPR Icon

We fixed a bug where the GDPR icon wasn’t visible on live campaigns.

You can find more on making your Viral Loops campaigns compatible with the GDPR here👇

We completed our series on running a successful product launch. 🎉

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Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing