July 8, 2021

News & Updates

New product launch

Crazy month last one. I told you to stay tuned; I certainly hope you did.

June was somewhat an ecstatic month in terms of productivity and creativity across the team.

Although being consistent is itself rewarding, it’s even better when the results of your work meet your expectations. I’m proud to say that we had a lot of moments like that lately.

Here’s what happened during the past month, in a nutshell:

  • We launched the Newsletter Referral on Product Hunt with a new Free Email Widget Builder on the side.
  • We fixed a few bugs.
  • We retired a template.

Let’s see what’s new for Viral Loops users from June 2021 and on.

Product Hunt launch

We launched the Newsletter Referral on Product Hunt. You can check it out here: Viral Loops for Newsletters.

A new Email Widget

With the occasion of the launch, we also upgraded the embeddable Email Widget of the Newsletter Referral. The updated widget comes with two themes and supports adding more bells and whistles, like showing the rewards of your campaign and even including gifs (or gifs) from Giphy.

The Viral Loops theme shows all the milestones

email widget gif vl theme

The Meme theme is like a meme:

email widget gif meme theme

The Email Widget Designer allows you to upload your own gif’s or images to show the rewards

email widget gif upload

The nicest thing is you can still create a good-looking widget for your campaign, even if you’re not using Viral Loops or the Newsletter Referral.

Get started here: Free Email Referral Widget Generator.

We plan to add more themes to the widget. Is there something you’d like to see? Reach out and let us know!

[Fixed] “Edit” button ✏️

Yeah, that one was tough. The button to edit your campaign was not responsive for some of us sometimes. It was a tough bug to find, but we did it. It’s fixed now. If you were affected by this issue, please try again. It should be working properly now!

[Fixed] Redirect after submission of the Invitee Widget

The option to redirect to a different page after the Invitee Widget was submitted was not working properly in the Newsletter Referral. Now it’s fixed. This means that you can now set the widget to redirect to another page when the form is submitted. Edit the Invitee Widget in your Campaign Wizard to set this up.

[Fixed] Entering the Viral Loops Pages Builder would redirect outside the Campaign Wizard

Yeah, what it says. We found an issue where trying to edit the Viral Loops Page would redirect outside the Wizard. This has now been fixed.

[Fixed] Email Widget Snippet does not appear

We found an issue where the Email Widget would not appear if the “Other” email service had been selected. This has now been fixed.

[R.I.P.] Online to Offline

We retired the Online to Offline template to focus our efforts on the templates that work best for our customers. If you were previously using it, nothing changes for you:

  • your campaign still works and will continue working
  • you can still edit your campaign, check the Dashboard, get CSV exports, etc.
  • the automations of your campaign (such as campaign emails) still work

The only change is that no new campaigns can be created with this template.

Looking forward to the next update, many nice things coming up in July! 🤓

That’s all for now!

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing