November 10, 2022

News & Updates

Speed, efficiency & design

[Improved] Dashboard participant and fraud lists speed

Participants and fraud lists will load way faster (in a couple of seconds) as they are loaded from Redis and not directly from the database.

We did this to help you manage your referral campaign more easily and without punishing you with loading times as your campaigns grow.

[Improved] Data exports

An export of ~750K participants takes roughly 10 minutes, and an export of ~30K takes less than a minute.

It works after we reduced the export complexity to use fewer resources to complete the operation—less complexity and less waiting time.

[Improved] Native widget design

A new clean default design to make your campaign look gorgeous out-of-the-box. Of course, every widget element is customisable so that you can tailor it to your brand.

[Fixed] Viral Loops pages “State” switch

We fixed a bug that caused the “state” option to change nothing inside the Viral Loops pages. Now you can switch between the Joining and Sharing states with ease.

[Fixed] Recommended templates

We fixed a bug that caused the template recommendations to be random. We eliminated entropy and grouped the templates based on what we’ve seen to work best for each use case.

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing