December 22, 2023

News & Updates

Year Review 2023

[New] Visual installer

This is the biggest highlight of the year.

It is a fast, no-code way to connect any custom form to your Viral Loops campaign.

This lets you create referral programs where the referred friends go to any of your website pages, sign up for your product or service, and at the same time join your campaign as referred by their friends.

Previously this would require custom code and the involvement of your devs — now, any busy marketer can set it up in a matter of minutes.

[New] V3 API & SDK: Easier, Faster, Better

Our latest V3 API is a game-changer. It's more concise, follows modern common practises, and is OpenAPI compatible. This upgrade makes adding methods and functionalities a breeze. It's designed to be familiar, resembling tools like Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Klaviyo. Perfect for developers seeking streamlined processes.

Along with the API , we updated our SDK to its 3rd version  – the successor to V2. It has  zero dependencies and it is fully backward compatible. It's built using native browser APIs, making it faster to onboard new engineers. The legacy SDK's complexity? A thing of the past as wished by various customers.

We've automated around 80% of our documentation generation, now hosted on a modern platform like Readme. This revamp makes accessing and understanding our documentation easier for developers.

You can explore it here:

[New] Brand New Widgets: Sleek and Efficient

Our V2 widgets are replaced with cutting-edge Web Components. They're lighter, faster, and more customizable. These new widgets use Shadow DOM, ensuring no CSS clashes or JavaScript conflicts.

Along with performance improvements, all widgets got a facelift from our designer to ensure they maintain a modern yet brand-agnostic look.

[New] Viral Loops Low Code: Project Void

'Project Void' brings low-code solutions, allowing non-technical users to integrate custom forms with ease. This feature enhances productivity, especially for FM customer integrations.

It’s optimised for custom websites and Webflow — which you can easily use through our Webflow-copyable components.

You can find more about it here:

[New] Let participants change submitted email during email verification (Double opt-in logout)

Participants can now go back to the Form Stage of the Form Widget when they are in Double Opt-In mode. This helps when the participants misspell their email and has been a long-requested feature.

[New] Two Factor Authentication

All users can now configure their accounts to receive a One-Time Password on their email before logging in or set up their authenticator app for extra security. 

This is an essential feature for big scales campaigns and for companies who are security conscious.

[Improved] Remote Code Execution (RCE)

RCE lets us add custom scripts to customer websites/apps without manual intervention. It's a time-saver, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication.

An essential feature to work more closely with our concierge customers, for whom we built fully custom campaigns. Find out more here:

[New] Custom Fields: Unlimited Customization

Gone are the days of text-only fields. Our new widgets support a diverse range of customizable fields, giving you unlimited creative freedom and ability to capture reached data for in your referral program. Crucial if your marketing is based around segmentation.

[New] Waitlist Rank Offset: Control Your Campaigns

You now have the power to set the starting position of waitlists and leaderboards. This feature boosts the perception of popularity and anticipation in your campaigns.

[Improved] Shopify Widgets: A Complete Facelift

Our Shopify widgets have undergone a complete transformation, now with improved functionality and aesthetic appeal.

[New] Fraud Prevention: Advanced and Scalable

We've incorporated Cloudflare technology for superior fraud detection. This upgrade scales our fraud detection system effectively, ensuring your campaigns are secure.

[New] Google Analytics 4 Integration

Stay up-to-date with the latest in analytics. We now support Google Analytics 4, offering you advanced tracking and analysis capabilities.

Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing