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Use battle tested referral templates to skyrocket your growth the same way Dropbox and Robinhood did.
Starup Templates

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Two Special Templates

We want to see you grow! That's why we made these two campaign templates especially for your startup. You can get early traffic during your prelaunch, like Robinhood and grow with the help of your existing userbase, like Dropbox.

#referral template

increase your sign-ups

Build a referral program, like a Boss

The Dropbox customer referral program is probably one of the most famous examples of a customer referral program on the internet today. It’s often used to showcase how powerful a refer-a-friend program can be.

Incentivize and reward your users

Your users can invite their friends to sign up. After the invitee signs up, both can get rewarded, with the same or different rewards. We give your customers their personal referral link. They share it with their friends. They get rewarded. That simple!

Add a powerful Dropbox-style referral program to your startup.

I want this template

We love our customers. And they love us.

What They Say

#waitlist template

for your pre-launch

Build a waitlist, like a Pro

Are you in a Pre-launch? Get early adopters in your product by joining your waitlist. The more friends you get to sign up for the waitlist, the higher you move up the list.

Refer friends and jump up the list

The more friends that someone invites to join, the sooner he would get access. Motivate participants to share with their friends in return for early access to your product..

Run a proven robinhood-style prelaunch campaign for your startup.

I want this template

The way we do business.

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