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Grow your audience with Messenger Bot Giveaways

Run a giveaway entirely on Facebook Messenger Chatbot to help you grow your Manychat audience.

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Game-changing Features

Unique link

Every participant has a unique link to share with friends.

Referral tracking

Our smart algorithm tracks of how many friends they referred, as they refer friends, they get more points, without thinking about it. 🤓

Pick a winner

See who are your participants and pick your winners at random, giving more chances to those who have more points.

Mindblown customer data


Our customers have collected more than 500K leads for their campaigns.


On average, our customers get, 35% of their campaign participants, through referrals.


Your overall CAC through referral marketing and advertising can go to $0.05 .

How It Works

Send a welcome message to people who join your giveaway.

Viral Loops
Viral Loops

Everyone can easily share your giveaway with their friends on Messenger.

People receive invitation, from their friends, to join your campaign.

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Viral Loops

Their friends can also join your giveaway.

Case Studies + Interviews

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