The Startup Prelaunch

Prelaunch Template inspired by Robinhood

Grow and engage early adopters with word of mouth.

Startup Prelaunch Viral Loops template

The Waiting List Pop-up Widgets


Let them join

People can join your competition, just by putting in their info. Email, First name, Street address… you name it.


Let them share

In this stage people refer their friends. The more friends that someone invites to join, the sooner he would get access.

Pro Tip: Try to have a clear Value Proposition of your product on your landing page and prompt users to do the right thing.

Startup Prelaunch Viral Loops widgets


Best Practices

Generate more leads and early traction

In that pre-launch stage, all you need is to get email subscribers. As many emails as you can. Get people to love you. ❤️ Learn how to do it.

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How It Works

Step 1: They join

Your visitors click on the button on your website and they enter the list.

Startup Prelaunch Viral Loops template
Startup Prelaunch Viral Loops template

Step 2: They refer friends

They can move to the top of the waitlist by referring many friends.

Step 3: They get early access

Access and prizes will be available to everyone on the list, but with order of priority.

Startup Prelaunch Viral Loops template

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