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Create a referral marketing campaign for your Marketo audience with no-code.

With this integration, you can connect Viral Loops to your Marketo Engage and use the power of Word of Mouth to grow your audience.

By connecting any Viral Loops template with Marketo, you can:

  • Deploy a referral campaign that captures referred participants and automatically adds them to your Marketo database.
  • Use Viral Loops pages to host your entire referral program and capture new subscribers through the Invitee Page.
  • Give a unique sharing link to every member of your existing Marketo audience.

This integration works for all Viral Loops templates (available for Power plan or higher).

Here's a guide that will help you set up your integration:

How to build a referral program for Marketo.

If you're a visual learner, watch the step-by-step guide: