Mailchimp +Viral Loops = 🚀

A native integration with Mailchimp that allows you to grow your newsletter subscriber list through referrals

Features yoU'll love

Beautiful and customizable Email Referral Widget

Make the email widget on-brand. Choose from different styles and colors. Add it to your newsletter so subscribers can share their personal referral link.

Leverage your existing audience

1-click import from your Mailchimp list and everyone gets a referral link to share. Your referral campaign can be up and running in minutes. We won't charge you for importing your existing audience!

Seamless integration

The Newsletter Referral connects with the embedded Mailchimp forms on your website. No need to involve a developer to track referrals or redirect subscribers to another page. The only skills required are copying and pasting.

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Your readers are your best ambassadors.
They can help you get more subscribers through word-of-mouth.