August 5, 2021

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Campaign data export for teams

During July we focused on making our infrastructure more stable so that it works better for your campaigns.

We have made a lot of updates to our systems that will reveal in our next updates, as we’re rolling this out gradually.

Don’t worry, your campaigns won’t be impacted though. We did make some changes you can see, though.

Let’s see what’s new for Viral Loops users from July 2021 and on.

[Improved] Campaign Export

We improved the Campaign Export function to allow you to specify the email address where the CSV export is delivered.

improved user export

We know some of you are collaborating with other colleagues on the same campaign so it is handy to be able to send the CSV export to the colleague that needs it.

To protect the safety of your customer data, the download link in the export notification email will redirect you to Viral Loops where you need to be logged in to download the file. Make sure you share your account credentials with your colleague so they can download the file.

[Improved] User Settings page

We redesigned the User Settings page to simplify it and improve your user experience when changing important details about your account. Let us know what you think!

improved user settings
improved user settings

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Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing