March 5, 2022

News & Updates

reCaptcha support

One more month went by, and it was full of dedicated work to make our product better. So let’s see what we’ve accomplished:

[New] reCaptcha support for the Viral Loops widgets

We added support for reCaptcha for the most popular Viral Loops Widgets (Form Widget, Invitee Widget, Popup). This will help mitigate bot spam attacks on our customers’ campaigns.

[Improved] Campaign Monitor integration with the Milestone Referral

Campaign Monitor was only available for the Newsletter Referral template—now you can use it with the beloved Milestone Referral too.

[Updated] API endpoints

We updated some API endpoints and created a new one for campaign stats.

[Fixed] Integrations’ email services

We fixed a few bugs related to our integrations with email services.

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Nik Filosofof
Head of Marketing