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Viral Loops Pages

New from Viral Loops

Create beautiful landing pages that make it easy for people to invite their friends.

Viral Loops Pages

Straightforward Sidebar Editor


Customize colors

Make it look like it's yours. You edit assets, like colors, images and fonts.


Integrate your page with your analytics tools

We don't want you to be blind. You can integrate the page with your Google Analytics account and your Facebook Pixel so you can have full control.


Works with all the templates

From the referral template, all the way to the giveaway and the pre-launch templates. Just build it together with your campaign, hit save and it's published.

Pro Tip: You can even use your own domain or if you don't have one, don't worry, we're publishing it for you.

Viral Loops pages

Build a page for your campaign

Why build it

Give your customers a clear call to action. With Viral Loops, you can create beautiful landing pages that make it easy for people to invite their friends.

No coding skills needed

If you don't know how to create a webpage or don't want to pay someone creating it for you. You can do it with Viral Loops for free.

preview your campaign

It's important to be able to see what you've built before you launch it. Just hit preview and see how it would look like on a page.

Go from concept to publish in minutes

Use Viral Loops pages, in case you don't have time to wait for the development team to create a page for you.

Simple pages, endless possibilities

Highlight your referral campaign, run a giveaway, build your pre-launch list and anything in between. Our 2 flexible templates give you the chance to create and publish landing pages that work with your Viral Loops campaign and for your business—don't forget that they're absolutely free.

Run a giveaway or a pre-launch

Perfectly designed to host your giveaway and pre-launch campaigns.

Viral Loops Pages
Viral Loops Pages

Launch a referral campaign

Viral Loops Pages work with all of our referral templates. Build a page for your campaign in minutes.

Use Viral Loops pages

Completely free

Build unlimited pages for your campaigns with your Viral Loops account.

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